DRAIN MATE® Is really THREE products in ONE. It functions as a large dish rack, a convenient dishwasher safe cutting board, and a safe counter space to place all kinds of hot pots, dishes, or pans when they’re fresh out of the oven or off the stove, WITHOUT leaving burn marks or heat stains.

Here is what just some of our satisfied customers are saying about this revolutionary new product!

“Why didn’t anyone ever think of this before! I love my DRAIN MATE because it makes my life all the more easy in the kitchen.! Less mess, more room and it looks great too.”
G. Zanburn, Hicksville NY

“Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that can bring the most joy. Like my DRAIN MATE! It’s more than just a dish rack or cutting board…it’s a space saving multi-function, streamlined miracle!”
J. Mitz, Smithtown NY

“I really hated those big rubber monstrosities I used to have to use for dish racks! They looked ugly and they took up all that room. Not to mention the water stains. DRAIN MATE to the rescue.”
K. Dunn, Utica NY

“Let’s face it…if you’re going to have to rack up dirty dishes… might as well make it sanitary, space saving and pleasing to the eye. DRAIN MATE is all that and more! I love it!”
D. Doran, Poughkeepsie NY

“Along with the cool looking, space saving dish rack, I gotta tell you…I love the cutting board. It’s spacious and it solves the problem or where to put all those different size boards I had shoved into the kitchen cabinets. One board…no hassles.”
S.Kerr, New Rochelle NY

“I’m a neat freak! I admit it. And there’s nowhere I want neatness most than in the kitchen. My new DRAIN MATE solves two problems… how to let dishes dry without a mess and how to use counter space in a smart, neat way. You bet I’m happy!”
B. Hartigan, East Islip, NY

“DRAIN MATE is so unique, yet so simple. It gives me extra room and it looks great! What more could you ask for?”
A. Baumis, Queens NY


Drain Mate® has remodelers buzzing too!

Drain Mate® is a “Space Savior for Your Kitchen” – www.SkimbacoHome.com

Drain Mate® is a “unique dish rack invention for the kitchen that’s been taking the inventor’s world by storm” – www.eBuild.com , a Hanley Wood LLC site
Drain Mate® is a “Cool Kitchen Accessory” -  KITCHEN VIEWS
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