DRAIN MATE® Is really THREE products in ONE. It functions as a large dish rack, a convenient dishwasher safe cutting board, and a safe counter space to place all kinds of hot pots, dishes, or pans when they’re fresh out of the oven or off the stove, WITHOUT leaving burn marks or heat stains.

Congratulations on your recent purchase of the Drain Mate. By following a few simple directions, you are sure to enjoy it's benefits for many years

1. Please do not allow any food products to be washed into the drain line
2. ( DO NOT USE ANY ABRASIVE CLEANING PRODUCTS ) Use stainless steel cleaning products only
3. The dish rack and cutting board can be replaced at anytime. Contact your dealer

1. Please use the template provided in the box for cutting out your counter top
2. The unit can be RECESSED OR UNDER MOUNTED by choice, for new kitchens please specify to your designer if the unit will be under mounted, to leave enough space below the unit
3. When using the drain rack you can store the top under your sink base cabinet
4. for cutting board use, just flip the top over and use
5. When not in use just leave the cover on for useable counter space and hot plate
6. Hook up a 1/2 " copper tube to the drain piece provided to you, just above the trap of your sink ( same concept as a dishwasher hook up )
7. Make sure the copper tube is always pitches towards the trap of the sink, away from the unit. ( Try not to have to many bends in the cooper line )
8. For drop in units simply apply a bead of silicone around the opening and place the unit in place. Let unit sit for 24 hours before use

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